1.) You must apply in the same year in which you completed your Abitur (12th).

2.) If you have done it now you need to change your status or shorten your CBSE. You will receive a second offer from INSPIRE.

3.) If you now meet the two conditions above, you must achieve a total of 60% Bsc Gens. OR (b) 60% of the subject if you are studying for the final exam. Ladies and gentlemen, the scholarship runs for 5 years.

If you don’t get 60% in Bsc.1st Year (1st Confirmation in Bsc. Ladies and Gentlemen or Bsc. Gen. If Bsc. Hon.So you only need 60% of the course)

You will only get the scholarship for 1 year because the scholarship for 1 year is calculated with 12 points. 60% Likes Get 60,000 Likes If you don’t reach 60%, you’ll lose 60,000 likes this year alone. If you get 60% next year, you’ll get 60,000 this year alone. You will not get back the lost amount.

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