How to apply for Masters in Finance or Business Analytics in US/UK universities

How to apply for Masters in Finance or Business Analytics in US/UK universities if you have a low GPA from an Indian university? And what should be your chances of getting it?

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Foreign universities believe that the degree of love and passion for the subject is directly proportional to potential success in the future. Your strong connection to your field of study should be reflected extensively in your mission statement and introductory essays.It should stand out, as if you put dreams in it.


If you could show that you rose from below, it would be evidence that you are very focused on the realism of life and work processes. Again, if you can recall past instances where you were flexible in your approach and how you adapted to different circumstances, it would show how you can excel at others.


In connection with the creation of new projects, they best reflect the student’s evolving tastes. Therefore, describe the various projects you may have done in the past with their technical details.It will help you demonstrate your willingness to create the new rather than follow the old. However, you should be careful to include past projects related to your intended field of study. Otherwise they lose much of their importance.


Try to prove that you are not a book fanatic and attribute your academic success to intuition, the correlation of various phenomena and the use of general intelligence by seeing things in abstraction and wholeness, instead of studying for hours. Because you think you can learn academically, but to stand out you need to see things in the abstract.That’s what Ivy League schools want to hear from applicants studying abroad.

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Try to give the impression that your intention to study isn’t a degree or a label. This is mainly because you have a highly innovative approach and are determined to contribute something new to society at large by seizing the opportunity to learn. For example, think of a problem related to your field of science and suggest ways to solve it. This would show that you really do have a research mentality and it would definitely work in your favour. Let’s say you’re about to get a Masters in Networking and network congestion is the biggest problem facing the industry. Can you suggest what research method is promising to solve this problem?

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