Five (5) Key Agencies That Gives Student Loan For Study Abroad Programs

Five (5) Key Agencies That Gives Student Loan For Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad program undoubtedly elicit a lot of opportunities especially for African Nationals

However, we cannot deny the fact this comes with cost which becomes a burden to the individual

This is so as result of the comparing market prices of African currencies against the US$ Dollar

It therefore becomes a blow for students who may not have exceptional or distinction in their grades,

Whom may not have the opportunity to secure fully funded scholarship or partially funded scholarship to further their education

What then becomes the solution for persons who fall between this catergory?

In this article, we have listed some key agencies that will you get a loan to complete your studies abroad be it Undergraduate programs or graduate programs





Here are the five(5) key agencies you will get loan amount to persue your higher education

*Student Government Loans*

As citizens we are born into the state and are entitled to the national cake

What this means is that; students can take loans to persue higher education in any relevant field of study

An example is demonstrated in the Ghanaian society where a student can secure a loan to study abroad through the government student loan trust Fund and other of its agencies
The interest loan differs and are not very much as it were a private one

*Private Banks*

There are a lots of private banks that issue cheques to sponsor the education of individuals who want to continue their education abroad
With this , these private banks may require you to provide some basic information or perhaps may want you to meet some certain requirements before you can be put on their relief program


It is necessary to know the re payment terms and terms and conditions






*Non-profit Organizations*
As you maybe be aware, one of the crucial steps in seeking for funding for your studies is to consider an NGO

Most of theses Non governmental organisations are set up purposely to sponsor, cater and provided ameliorating ventures for brilliant but needy students as their case maybe

Examples of these Non governmental agencies may include;
Rotary international
Full bright scholarship
Scholarship Avenues

These Non governmental organisations provides financial support for Student to study abroad

There are also non-profit
organizations that offer student loans and scholarships specifically for international students.



*World International Organizations*

The international community also serves as an instrument for aiding international students get student loan to study abroad
Some these international organisation may require you to meet certain standards

Some may include
1. The World Bank
2. Finance Aid




*International organisations*

There are also international organizations that provide loans and scholarships for students to study abroad.

The international organisation is concerned itself with improving the conditions of developing countries

This is initiated through intervention programs
Therefore providing of financial assistance for study abroad program is something which designed in their program outlines

The important thing to do is to painstakingly research about and makes comparism about each of the agencies available to you

Make sure you have known their interest rates and methods of repayment as well as grace periods

It should sound good to your career aspirations after successfully graduatig from the programe you have studied in the University abroad


In our next post, we are are going to share with you the terms and conditions that is required by each of these agencies listed above

That also includes; the legible links available to them for easier access
Thanks, I’ll check them out.Thanks a lot.This is great, thank you so much!

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