How long should junior software engineers contribute after starting their first job?


As a senior, my goal is to introduce a new developer (junior or even senior) to the tech stack and codebase. I’m trying to build a simple CRUD application (a function in our codebase that creates, reads, updates, and deletes records in a database) that touches every part of the stack. So I ask them to create their own CRUD app and demonstrate it when they’re done. You can ask me for help if you are stuck for 15 minutes.This shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks with lots of sample code in the mature code base. Two weeks is pretty generous and most make it in a week, even the juniors.


Finally, we will ask them to fix bugs and customize features, working with our business analysts to clarify requirements. I think the start-up phase and sending the first withdrawal request should take Junior about a month.

If you’re new, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is a lot of time.If you want to prove yourself as a new employee in a new job under my supervision, you should make your first contribution in about a month and a half. I don’t think anyone should really rush this process because I want you to be relatively confident once you’re in the weeds. I also think this is how most people learn that starting your first PR is probably more important than getting a CRUD demo.





Don’t worry. I have never made a final decision about our people and am here to do everything in my power to ensure your success.It makes me look better when you’re okay, so if you need help I’ll do my best. I’ve always felt that enabling others to be productive is a greater good than being productive yourself.


At our last job, I think I did a good job of making it a success. He didn’t do very well on our drug test, but I felt like he could figure something out, and he certainly did once he started.

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