Toyota Yaris as a commercial

This car is very efficient for its age. But let’s go a little further.
I drive a 1.0 MK1 3-door petrol and personally own two. One in my home country of Greece, built in the early 2000s and the other in the Netherlands, built in mid 1999.Both cars do not have power windows or central locking. I wanted fewer maintenance parts. The only electronics concern the air conditioning, the ABS and the hydraulic steering. Trust me you would be more than happy to have just these.


About to wear now.I don’t know what currency you have or what country you are from, but the consumption is around €0.10 per km with a fuel price of around €1.40 per liter. When it comes to fuel, my on-board computer (yes, all models have one as standard) shows 7-7.5 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle. But it depends on your driving habits or needs. On the Autobahn I drive at 130-140 km/h and the current consumption can fluctuate by 8-8.5 l/100 km depending on the weather. This car is extremely economical for a city car.And I mean it. In the city, the stop and go is around 6.5 l/100 km. Now you might be wondering how this is possible. Two quick reasons: VVT-i with two camshafts, one for low and one for high, the valves open and close more or less quickly, which reduces consumption. More fuel is injected when driving on the motorway.The second reason is sales. Due to the small displacement (1.0 liters) and very long gear ratios, the car turns at high speeds when driving on the highway. When I drive at 135 km/h, the engine turns at 4500 rpm. Everyone knows that the higher the speed, the greater the wear.For such a small displacement, the engine revs reach 6,200 rpm. You’ll hear it scream and you’ll love it every time.



About reliability now. The main reason for buying this car is reliability. No wear, no performance, nothing.For what? Why Toyota and Japan. Speaking of numbers, one of my two models has almost 350,000 km and the other 140,000 km.Almost nothing goes wrong. The engine is so well made that I have never had a problem in 45 degrees heat with the air conditioning on and in traffic or in -15 degrees. The car is always ready to drive and the ignition has never let me down. To give an example of the confidence I can have in this car, I drove it from Greece to the Netherlands and back through Germany and the Netherlands for a year, driving a total of 30,
km without maintenance, but I have just changed the engine oil twice. This car is already the hardest and most popular for me.

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